Our Story

One of the best bakeries in New Port Richey.

Reyna Giler has been inspired by and passionate about the Culinary Arts since the early age of five. From her native ManabĂ­, Ecuador - Reyna liked to observe and learn in the kitchen and follow her family's example from her mother and aunts and to her grandmother as well. She would see how they prepared fine meals for receptions as well as desserts. She not only learned how to prepare homemade and local dishes but also learned from her family's French and Italian influences. Reyna went on to manage her own restaurant in Ecuador for several years and then decided to move to the United States where she went on to obtain her Certified Food Manager certificate in Tampa, Florida. In 1990, she received a plaque from The Ybor International Club for outstanding service in her participation at an event that served hors d'oeuvres to over two-thousand guests. Soon after in 1992, the local Tampa Tribune news outlet ran a piece about her unique pastry creations. In 1994, while Reyna visited some family and friends in Oregon, she orchestrated an event showcasing her pastry creations and was warmly profiled by the Gazette Times of Corvallis. In 2003, Reyna successfully founded Reyna's Cherished Creations which elevated her passion for the Gastronomy Arts and galvanized her passion to create fine hors d'oeuvres for gatherings, family reunions and other special events.

Small family owned bakery located in Historic Downtown.

Main Street Bakery is a proud family-owned small business located in Historic Downtown New Port Richey. We are excited to share decades of experience creating fresh baked goods with you and your family. We look forward to serving you!